CRUSH exhibition- July 2011

skull pendant

"These are just ghosts that broke my heart before I met you"


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Birthday brooch

Shellaine's Birthday

This is a brooch I made a few weeks ago for my friend Shellaine’s Birthday.
We went to Japan together 3 years ago now and I thought the scale models of people I bought on that trip were appropriate.

The brooch is silver (925), titanium and brass

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Architecture of the circle - banglesthese are two of the pieces I have been working on this year as part of my honours assessment. four more days to go. full range of pieces can be viewed on that date on my website which is being updated at present…

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crowned and bound- a fashion collaboration

Crowned & Bound was a collaboration between the ANU School of Art Gold and Silversmithing Workshop and Department of the Exterior. The parade featured custom designed experimental jewellery by students from the Gold and Silversmithing Workshop combined with this seasons best Australian and New Zealand fashion from Department of the Exterior. The event exploded onto the runway for one night only, September 1 2009.

view the show here …

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building ring prototype

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new shape…new everything…but not quite.

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These are images of some of my grandfathers work. both are used as reference points in this years honours project. Alexander Lockley (architect) has designed both these buildings; the royal plaza and Albury civic theatre. 

Im fortunate enough to be able to find out more of my grandfathers working career through maps, job cards and images.

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